Tooth Discoloration And How To Get Rid Of It

There are several reasons due to which teeth can get discolored. Discolored teeth can give a very unpleasant look, especially when someone is smiling. People with discolored teeth often feel shy of smiling freely in public. But this is not a problem anymore. One can turn their yellow teeth into sparkling white by following a simple and safe method, and it won’t even take ages.

Types of Discoloration and how it happens

There are two types of teeth discoloration. Extrinsic and Intrinsic. Extrinsic discoloration, as the name tells, occurs on the outer side of your teeth. There can be many causes of Extrinsic Discoloration. Habits like smoking or drinking wine are some common causes. Others may include drinking coffee, tea, and eating food with preservatives. Intrinsic discoloration occurs from the inside of your teeth and is often caused by aging, medicine use, illness, or tooth trauma.

Tooth Discoloration and How to get rid of it

Teeth Whitening Techniques and Options

There are several ways and products out in the market that is capable of whitening pale teeth real quick. However, people are often reluctant to use those because they are uncertain about their safety. But many of them are done under medical supervision, and it is also prescribed and administered by a dentist. Your dentist can also prescribe and dispense it to be used by you at your home. The teeth whitening technique that one should choose depends upon a few factors such as age, its cost, type of teeth discoloration that you have, etc. Generally, dentists use bleach to whiten their patient’s teeth. The substance that is used for bleaching is Carbamide peroxide. It is the safest and widely recommended teeth whitening technique. Treatment through bleaching can be in-office or at home, and both styles of treatment are administered by a dentist.

Tooth Whitening through products

There is a variety of tooth whitening products, such as whitening toothpaste, that one can easily get over the counter. A whitening toothpaste doesn’t have carbamide peroxide and thus has no dedicated bleaching effect. That is why these products are relatively less effective while dealing with intrinsic discoloration. There are also other tooth whitening products such as whitening strips, activated charcoal, etc. that are often used by people under the recommendation of dentists. However, before making a purchase, people often do make sure that it has a seal of acceptance from a widely accepted and endorsed Dental Association. An endorsement from such associations and authorities gives them confidence in buying such products. There can also be some side-effects of these techniques if not used as per an expert’s recommendation. So long as one sticks to the method prescribed to them, these techniques go smooth and safe.

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