Common Mistakes When Caring for Oral Health

People make many mistakes when taking care of oral health. Most of the time due to ignorance or having a poor hygiene routine. In this post, we will tell you what you are not doing correctly so that you can protect your teeth.

Oral Health is Paramount

The teeth are a fundamental part of the mouth and contribute to the whole body staying healthy. Most of us neglect them for lack of time, habit or forgetfulness, but you have to learn to take good care of your teeth.

Keeping teeth in good condition is much more than brushing every day. The errors in routine hygiene are common, and they affect oral health.

It is proven that most oral diseases can be prevented by paying more attention to the hygiene routine and by attending regular consultations with the dentist.

According to an Oral Health Study, about 95% of the country’s adult population suffers from tooth decay. This is a figure that could go down if people care more about their dental health and put aside bad habits like tobacco.

The study also shows that there are factors that can increase the deterioration of oral health such as alcohol consumption, stress, poor diet and anxiety. These aspects may contribute to diseases such as gum inflammation or periodontitis.

Having good oral health not only protects your teeth. But it helps you avoid stomach diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, among others. Since the oral system is closely related to other parts of the human body.

Errors When Caring For Oral Health

Many people do not know that they make many mistakes in their oral hygiene. Small changes can make the difference between having a disease of those just mentioned or not. As experts, we will tell you which are the most common.

Not using other hygiene instruments

One of the main errors of oral health is to include only the toothbrush in the hygiene routine. While this is essential, there are more instruments and products that can help you.

Take into account that brushing only reaches the surface of the teeth. That is, you only clean 60% of your mouth and the other 40% is ignored.

Our recommendation is to use dental floss, mouthwashes and mouth irrigators to complete brushing. That way you make sure you have better oral health.

Forget the cleaning of the tongue

Another of the big problems with oral hygiene is that people do not usually worry about the tongue. But we must know that it accumulates the greatest amount of bacteria inside the mouth. Not having proper hygiene of the tongue can cause halitosis and even the formation of bacterial plaque.

Today there are lingual cleansers with which you can make sure you have a more complete oral hygiene. In case of not having one you can use your toothbrush, but it is always advisable to opt for a specialized instrument.

Not attending consultations with the dentist

Not going to the dentist often is a big mistake if you want to take care of your oral health. Take into account that many diseases that occur in the oral cavity do not cause any discomfort.

When going to the dentist you can make sure that everything is fine and that you do not have any condition that you did not know. It is advisable to go to a specialist every 6 months, or at least once a year.

Brushing abruptly

Many people do not know how to brush their teeth well and make the mistake of being very abrupt during the oral hygiene routine. This causes the enamel of the teeth to deteriorate and affects the gums, it could cause bleeding.

Ideally, use a soft bristle brush and move from top to bottom throughout the parts of the tooth, without pressing hard.

Not brushing at night

Believing that it is not necessary to brush at night is a serious mistake that can affect your dental health. During the hours of sleep there is little movement of the muscles which reduce the production of saliva.

Bacteria can work better and cause greater negative effects on dental health in such situations. This can cause cavities or periodontal diseases.

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