Our work here at Winning Smiles Family Dentistry is only as good as our patients are willing to describe. See below for testimonials of our work. We’re proud of how hard we work on our patients’ behalf and are honored that they’re willing to take the time to talk about their experiences.


Austin Bradley
Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff are courteous and ALWAYS hospitable every time I’ve been there. I’ve been to numerous dental offices and I can say for sure his is the best I’ve ever been to. Dr. Hoffpauir is very knowledgeable in his field and I always feel assured when visiting his office. His hygienist, Anna, is great she definitely will do everything in her power to make you feel comfortable and is the best hygienist I’ve ever seen.
Carolyn Keane
This was the best dental experience I've ever had! I typically have some anxiety concerning dental procedures, even just cleaning, but everyone here made me feel totally at ease. They fully explained exactly what they were going to do and checked my comfort level during the process. If I was experiencing any discomfort they did their best to minimize or alleviate it. Not only are they extremely thorough but Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff go above and beyond to be compassionate and offer the highest level of treatment possible.
Ashley McBride
Dr Hoffpauir and his entire team are amazing. I have anxiety about going to the dentist from a few different experiences but everyone there did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. I can't thank everyone there enough for the extra time they took with me.
Teresa Hargraves
I can't say enough good things about dr. Chris hoffpauir he literally saved my life when he was doing the measurements for my dentures he told me I had had a stroke I have never been told this by any doctors or surgeons and I see quite a few so immediately went to my doctor we did an MRI of my brain and apparently I've had 3 mini strokes I would have never known if it weren't for him looking at me spending time with me doing all kinds of measurements, thanks to him I'm on medication got a biopsy scheduled he is my hero I would recommend him extremely highly I can't thank him enough he's giving me my life back not just my smile but my life thank you doctor. one other thing he convinced me to stop smoking now the heavy smoker for over 30 years I've had doctors told me to quit over and over and I would not do it but because of my trust in him my belief in him I did it because I know he's really concerned about my overall health not just my teeth and dentures and all that he cares about me, very hard to find a doctor that does that again God bless you I'd do anything in the world to repay you for what you've given me. I just can't say enough good things about you and the care you've shown and given me (somehow I can't figure out that stars thing showing up as a 4.9 I made a mistake I give him definitely a 5 i give them a thousand and five)
Lori Considine
After seeing a dentist, an Endodontist and one other dental professional Dr. Christopher Hoffpaur was the ONLY one of four to confirm my cracked tooth saving me from a pointless root canal. Also, because of the CBCT scan that he did it was discovered that I have a crack in my skull and I was able to take that image to my Neurosurgeon who thinks they might have FINALLY found the cause for other issues going on. The office staff is possibly the friendliest and most thorough of any around. If you show up early in the morning you might hear guitar music in the halls. I appreciate that Dr. Hoffpaurs office is a one stop shop for dentistry unlike other dental offices who do cleaning and fillings only...or Root Canals only..or implants only.