Our work here at Winning Smiles Family Dentistry is only as good as our patients are willing to describe. See below for testimonials of our work. We’re proud of how hard we work on our patients’ behalf and are honored that they’re willing to take the time to talk about their experiences.


Sylvia Soto
I went to this location because it was close to my house and needed fast dental work done. I knew it was going to be out of network and maybe a little more. I told the dentist exactly what I needed and he gave me 2 or 3 treating plans. As I was deciding which plan I would go with. The dentist was standing in the door way waiting to hear which plan I went with. Which one of the first things he told me was did you read my reviews? No, I just need to fix my tooth. He will tell you straight up he is about the money that’s why he gets paid the way he does. He promised I would have everything I needed in a timely matter. Which didn’t happen. Then when they finally call me back after calling and calling. I get in and the receptionist told me sorry I’m new here and we have an new staff. I can see why.... he was saying all kinds of rude things to his assistant. While I was get work done. She is so Sweet she shouldn’t put up with him.And let’s not forget I just got a bill in and I called l to talk to billing about it. I asked why don’t you verify what insurance will cover? She said.....well we treat insurance like a coupon. They make me laugh , “A coupon. “ She said sorry we’ll resend it to see it will get covered. It got over looked. So if you go here you will get the run around and you won’t know what you really have to pay till it’s too late. But you’ll get your free water or coffee. So not worth what I paid.
Veronica Martinez
Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff are awesome! They truly care about their patients.
Austin Bradley
Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff are courteous and ALWAYS hospitable every time I’ve been there. I’ve been to numerous dental offices and I can say for sure his is the best I’ve ever been to. Dr. Hoffpauir is very knowledgeable in his field and I always feel assured when visiting his office. His hygienist, Anna, is great she definitely will do everything in her power to make you feel comfortable and is the best hygienist I’ve ever seen.
Tadd Stickler
Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff are incredible caring people.
Carolyn Keane
This was the best dental experience I've ever had! I typically have some anxiety concerning dental procedures, even just cleaning, but everyone here made me feel totally at ease. They fully explained exactly what they were going to do and checked my comfort level during the process. If I was experiencing any discomfort they did their best to minimize or alleviate it. Not only are they extremely thorough but Dr. Hoffpauir and his staff go above and beyond to be compassionate and offer the highest level of treatment possible.