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Dentist in Alvin TxWhen you need an Alvin Dentist,  call Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir. He  and his staff at Winning Smiles Family Dentistry are dedicated to providing you with a pleasant experience and results that will cause you to smile!

Our goal is to offer our patients cost effective and professional care, in a family friendly, patient oriented environment. We cover essentially all specialized areas of general dentistry, making sure a complete spectrum of oral care for our clients. We also accept the majority of dental insurance plans. Just check with our receptionist prior to receiving treatment, to make sure your plan is one that we accept. For a family dentist in Alvin Tx, we are the ones to see.

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We want to get to know our Alvin Tx dental clients, so we can provide dental care in Alvin in a gentle and comfortable way, with a healthy dosage of fun whenever possible. Our dentists and hygienists understand that visiting the dentist’s office can sometimes be a little fearful, so we focus on ensuring any worries you might have will disappear as soon as you walk into our practice. Patient comfort, while offering the highest quality care, is our priority. Whether you live in Alvin, Tx or a nearby town such as Friendswood, Pearland, League City call Winning Smiles Family Dentistry to get the Winning Smile You Deserve.

Alvin Dental Implants

As is often with teeth, cosmetic and functional issues tend to be directly related to one another, as in the case of missing, broken, or badly damaged teeth. Missing teeth are unsightly, but also present a host of problems to a patient. Alvin residents have a cutting edge tool to aid in their tooth replacement therapies with dental implants. The titanium alloy rod acts much the same as a tooth root and can support a crown that blends seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth. It can also aid in the replacement of a set of teeth by anchoring bridges and dentures for added stability.

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Whether you are looking for or in need of an exam and cleaning or more extensive services such as implants, fillings or even a crown,  Dr. Hoffpauir is your go-to dentist. We offer affordable crown dental services as well as implants, dentures and more. Ask about our dental savings plan too.

Dr. Hoffpauir Highlighted in Sidekick Magazine-Alvin Dentist Achieves Success

Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir became a dentist because of an experience he had as a patient 15 years ago. As a young man about to be married, he visited a dentist for lingering tooth pain. The tooth was ultimately pulled, but what he discovered in the aftermath was the ongoing pain had negatively affected his daily life without him even realizing it. When he finally found relief, the difference was so dramatic, he decided at that moment to return to school and become a dentist himself!

That inspiring story is why Dr. Hoffpauir opened his own practice, Winning Smiles Family Dentistry in Alvin, Texas, a rural area near Houston—and it is why he is so passionate about the effect of oral health on overall health and wellness. “I wanted to practice dentistry in the way I believed it could be practiced,” he began. “I wanted to be more than a tooth mechanic; I wanted to be an oral physician.”

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Dr. Hoffpauir believes dentists should take advantage of the latest technology to benefit your dental health.
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